Carrom Pool Coin Seller

Carrom Pool Coin Seller

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Carrom is a tabletop game of Indian origin. The game is very popular in South Asia, and is known by various names in different languages. In South Asia, many clubs and cafés hold regular tournaments. Carrom is very commonly played by families, including children, and at social functions. Carrom is not a patented game. It is in the public domain. Different standards and rules exist in different areas. It became very popular in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth during the early 20th century.


Carrom Pool Coin Seller

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Carrom Pool Coin Seller

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💰Payment Options👇👇

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Where did Carrom pool start?

The game of carrom originated in India. One carrom board with its surface made of glass is still available in one of the palaces in Patiala, India. It became very popular among the masses after World War I. State-level competitions were being held in the different states of India during the early part of the twentieth century. Serious carrom tournaments may have begun in Sri Lanka in 1935 but by 1958, both India and Sri Lanka had formed official federations of carrom clubs, sponsoring tournaments and awarding prizes. carrom pool best game

International Carrom Pool Beginnings

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) was formed in the year 1988 in Chennai, India. The formal rules for the Indian version of the game were published in 1988. In the same year the ICF officially codified the rules. The game has been very popular throughout South Asia, mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Maldives. The game is also popular in many of the countries in the Arabian Peninsula, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. It has gained some popularity in United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia where it has been introduced by the Indian diaspora. The UKCF was formed in 1991 in London. The main work of this organization is to promote the game of Carrom throughout the UK and ensure the participation of UK players in all major international championships. The UKCF have hosted 3 Euro cups in England and have had fantastic success in the tournament with UK players. UKCF organized national championships and league tournaments throughout the UK on annual basis.

Equipment carrom is played on

the game is usually played on a square board made of plywood, with a pocket in each corner. The dimensions of the standardized board is a 29 inches (74 cm) square playing surface. The edges are bounded by bumpers of wood, and the underside of each pocket is covered by a net which is 10 cm2 or larger.

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